Wives dating other men tonton mael lambung online dating

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Wives dating other men

Even though I had seen her dressed this way before, this time it was different..was wearing it for another man...She looked so hot, I wanted to fuck her right them.Let me start by saying that at the time of this story, (1982) my wife was a young 5'5" brunette with a great figure.Other than one encounter in 1978, (See:"My Very First Time") my wife had never fucked another man up until then.This really got the ball rolling, as he called her shortly after and they agreed to meet.As I had had a vasectomy and she didn't use contraceptives, we had to get her started on something.

I gave him our phone number and asked him to call my wife under the pretext that he had left something in the car, and my wife would like to return it to him.She like many wives we read about, was reluctant, but the idea did not repulse her.We did the usual stuff of fantasizing in bed but nothing more until...Later when she finally did start fucking other men, we would play this little game almost every time. They made a dinner/club date to see each other, and that day finally arrived.She was excited all day as was I and finally she started to get ready for her date, she took a bath, and then walked naked into the bedroom.

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