Turtle and jamie lynn dating

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The two stopped by Susan Sarandon's Ping-Pong bar Spin in Gramercy on Thursday night and went shopping together in the Meatpacking District on Friday.

Later that night, they checked out "Burn the Floor," which stars Bass' former "Dancing With the Stars" cohorts Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kym Johnson.

What sort of ideas have you brought to Amy that she’s been excited about?

Last season, I didn’t really know where the character was going to go in season six.

There are episodes where I am deliberately wearing “Ari colors” to flout him. Specifically, Jeremy really likes those deep chocolate brown suits and certain shades of purple that are his that I kind of don’t wear and that, this season, you will see me wear.So I said to Amy, “This season let’s play a wardrobe game: if you have clothed Jeremy in episode one in a solid suit with a checkered tie then in episode three I want Lloyd to wear a solid suit and checkered tie.If Jeremy is wearing a windowpane suit in episode two then I want to Lloyd to wear a windowpane suit in episode four.”I wanted to play this game where Lloyd is watching what Ari is wearing and then an episode or two later you would see Lloyd’s version of that same outfit."They were dancing and hanging out and didn't leave until after 2 a.m." No word on whether Ferrara, who is originally from Brooklyn, will be coming home for the holidays as well ...In its sixth season, Entourage is finally starting to let its characters develop. As Lloyd’s diary reveals, he has answered over 80,000 phone calls, picked up 104 loads of dry cleaning, and endured 21,900 homophobic or racially insensitive slurs.

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They ordered lunch and then asked me to plate their lunch. I didn’t have an attitude about it but they could tell I was reluctant about to do it. If I’ve had a career just playing roles like Lloyd it might not be as satisfying or stimulating as if I got to play a wide variety of roles but I would still be happy I had a career at all.

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