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This documentary revolves around the Afro-Latina identity and experience in the United States.

It chronicles and collates various educated Afro-Latina voices across the United States as they aim to reignite a movement that celebrates Latinx’s African roots.

The following are a combination of filmmakers that are breaking out in Hollywood, on the cusp of something special, or crafting an incredible career back home.

Back home, he created one of the finest time travelling pictures of the century. Despite being his debut feature, it showcased a filmmaker at one with his camera and management of actors.It has since become a platform for Latinx filmmakers to showcase their work both within their own community as well as allowing it to connect with American audiences.What’s most fascinating about Albizu is her upcoming crowd-funded documentary Negrita.In fact, outings like Magdalena Albizu (Dominican Republic) Okay, You probably don’t know who Magdalena Albizu is. As of right now, Albizu is creating movies solely focused on telling the Afro-Latinx story.She wants to add the Afro-Latinx voice – something sadly forgotten and cast aside in our communities – to the cinematic canon. In 2004, Albizu actively attempted to add Latinx voices to American cinema by helping create the Long Island Latino International Film Festival.

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His work ethic is quite impressive, too, since he released Neruda in the same year as Jackie.

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