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Lindsay dating

compiled a bunch of Instagram photos (and added one very curiously Photoshopped lead image) of Lindsay Lohan with a very buff Korean man with the headline: “Lindsay Lohan Is Dating a Massive Korean Billionaire Arm Wrestling Bodybuilder.” Naturally, we lost our minds, and since then have tried to determine how much of this headline is actually verifiable. ) After some research, all we can confidently say is that a very strong Korean man named Je-yong Ha hangs out a lot with star Lindsay Lohan.

They have done things that look suspiciously couple-y, like partying in Mykonos until daybreak and doing face masks, prompting much of the Korean media to speculate whether they were together back in late October. His name is Je-yong Ha, his Instagram handle is “Korean Hulk,” and we know more about his lifting stats than his actual biography. According to an arm-wrestling video from the Korean Armwrestling Federation posted about a month ago, he’s 29 years old, ranked ninth in the country, and shaped like a teapot.

He does promotional events at their various locations where a bystander will try to arm wrestle him. (If they can survive five seconds, they get a box of black-raspberry juice.) You might think that’s a weird brand collaboration, but in Korea anyone can sell anything. He eats truffle pizzas, pasta heaping with caviar, poses with Bugattis, and buys Gauguin paintings.

The Korean newspaper reports he may have a shady past under other online personas (“Power Brother” and “Diesel Mania” being two of them) where he attempts to appear more famous and richer than he actually is. So he might just be using Lindsay Lohan’s fame to get famous himself?

In a long caption, Je-yong describes that he initially wanted to give money to the child, but that Lohan told him not to. 아이가 너무 귀엽기도 했지만, 순간 지금 시간까지 놀다가 들어가는 내 모습이 이 아이에게는 과연 어떻게 비춰질까하는 생각에 제 모습이 너무 너무 부끄러웠죠 ㅠㅠ 재빨리 지갑에서 돈을 꺼내려고 하는데, Lindsay가 버럭 소리치면서 돈을 주지 말라는 거에요.

When he gave the money he had in his wallet to the girl, Lohan snatched it out of the her hands, ostensibly because by giving money to the kid, they would be supporting a system in which children are used as beggars on the street. 그러더니 옆에 아이와 함께 온 할머니에게도 막~ 소리를 지르면서 뭐라고 하길래...아 진짜 이 아이는 진짜 뭐 위,아래도 없구나 라고 순간 생각했죠.

We know you have questions, and we sort of have answers, so let’s get this going. He weighs 110 kg (242.5 pounds), stands 165 cm (five-foot-four), with biceps 56 cm (22 inches) in girth.

So how did he start hanging out with Lindsay Lohan?

Who the hell is dude and why would he be rolling with Li Lo, you might be asking?알고봤더니...고아였던 이 아이는 누군가에 의해 고용이 되었던거고, 그 누군가를 위해서 어린 나이에 마냥 기계처럼 구걸을 하고있는 거였죠.미코노스 번화가에는 이런 아이들이 정말 많은데, 모두 다 자발적인 것이 아니라 어떠한 조직에 의해 강제로 이루어지는 일들이었던거죠. 어떤 미래가 있을 지 모르는 이렇게 어린 아이가 매일 매일 구걸을 하다보면, 아이가 도대체 어떻게 바르게 자랄 수 있으며 돈을 주는 사람들이 계속 있으면 있을 수록 이 아이들은 그 생활에서 벗어날 수 없다는거였죠. 눈 앞에 있는 상황만 바라보고 행동한 제 모습도 너무 부끄러웠고, 그냥 지나칠 수 있었던 상황도 더 깊게보고 소신대로 행동한 lindsay가 좀 대견해보이기도 했어요.did reach out to a source close to Lohan, who said that Li Lo and Ha "are 100 percent not dating at all.They’re just friends." So, that's that, but for a moment..did kind of look like they were really comfortable together, right?

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She makes her first appearance on the Korean Hulk’s Instagram on August 11, apparently in Mykonos, the party island.