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Flirt and fuck local shimoga girls and aunties

After two long decades I got an opportunity to witness Betalabhara - since there was some pooja at Shanteri Kamakshi temple while I visited and it being a special pooja Betalabhara was called upon.I waited - with great respect for Betala bhara with the same awe that was deep inside me for all these years. Then, two decades ago, though my mother was Konkani of the same temple they discouraged me to take prasaad from betala bhara because I was not a full konkani.If you agree with my article then you will give all credits to me and if your disagree I am still safe, isnt it. The issue is you are an intelligent reader, the handpicked one.

To add on - all his money was in Maharashtra Apex and Manipal Finance - two Konkani run financial institutions both banks went bankrupt in early 2000's.Though you learnt Sanskrit good enough to get very high score - can you call it a language you knew. When he sold milk very few people knew him, in Kumta when you say knowing someone it means associating with you - otherwise everyone knows everyone and his or her ancestors both maternal and paternal. Naik master - with his tutorial the ultimate safehouse for intellectual striver - was one of the very few who "knew" Sanjay and similarly yours truly belonged somewhere in that tutorial.Well in those days Sanjay did go to temples of Kumt and rushed out after offering his prayers.In Konkani temples there is always prasada javan, the meal of prasad - usually lunch or dinner.This pooja was in the evening and there followed dinner.

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Plus he had given lot of money on interest to local people.

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