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Moreover, as he built the ark, the only means of salvation from the Deluge, so Christ established the Church, the only means of salvation in the spiritual order.The Babylonian account of the Deluge in many points closely resembles that of the Bible .Ut-napishtim builds the ship (of which, according to one version, Ea traces the plan on the ground), and places in it his family, his dependents, artisans, and domestic as well as wild animals, after which he shuts the door.

But the differences are so many and so important that this view must be pronounced untenable.

Amid the general corruption which resulted from the marriages of "the sons of God " with "the daughters of men" ( Genesis 6:2 sqq.

), that is of the Sethites with the Cainite women, "Noah was a just and perfect man in his generations" and "walked with God " (6:9).

Four cuneiform recensions of it have been discovered, of which, however, three are only short fragments.

The complete story is found in the Gilgamesh epic (Tablet 11) discovered by G.

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